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From the majestic Adirondack mountains in the north, to the mind-numbing traffic of Long Island in the south, Ryan has spent his life serving the people of New York. During his career in civil service, Ryan spent time serving as a law enforcement officer in one of New York’s most rural mountain communities. After returning to Long Island, Ryan realized that there was a big problem plaguing his former home. The local Republican Party had traded in its conservative values for systematic corruption and imperialistic inaccessibility. Ryan knew that the wave of liberalism that had swept across the country didn’t spare his once beloved Republican Party.

Now it was time for action. Ryan quickly found others on social media who were witness to the same decimation plaguing their local parties. Ryan joined forces with the Red Nation Rising online community and began advocating for change prior to the 2014 midterm elections. While the numbers, names, and faces all changed that November, the story remained the same. The Republican Party used its electorate to gain power, only to turn their back on them at the very first opportunity.

It was then that Ryan decided to take to the airwaves and internet in order to personally promote real conservative change. Just like that, The Ryno Report and were born. The Ryno Report engages its listeners by discussing the hot topics of the day, free from the liberal bias of mainstream media, as well as, picking out some of Ryno’s followers best social media posts to read on-air.


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