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Hailing from the mountains of West Virginia, AJ Gainer spent his youth dreaming about the possibilities, like every American kid.  And like every other American, he was guaranteed the opportunity to try.

His dream was to become a professional musician.

AJ spent his years toiling away at his craft, in the mean time, life happened.  Culinary school in Pittsburgh, an externship in Colorado, and ultimately a relocation to Biloxi, Mississippi, gave him the perspective that life doesn’t happen entirely as you plan.  So he went with the flow.

While in Biloxi, Mississippi, AJ decided to take a chance at a local rock radio station WCPR, where he submitted an application in hopes to become an on-air personality.
As luck would have it, he was hired and quickly found himself on a path to become one of the top ranked personalities in his time slot as “AJ Fantastic.”

AJ was pleased with his new career as a Radio Talent and Host. He was still playing his drum kit when time allowed, but he finally realized that he loved radio, and the dream of becoming a professional musician started to fade.

The moment we find ourselves content, life throws us a curve-ball offering opportunity for change.

AJ had discovered his love for radio and was witnessing success with every passing day in his new position, he was surprised when his Station Manager called him in for a meeting in the summer of 2001.
“You play drums?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you want to audition for 12 Stones?”
Needless to say, it was a few days later and AJ was nervously sitting behind his kit in front of potential band mates and management wondering if his dreams were about to come true.
As luck would have it, years of hard work and practice paid off and he would soon find himself on his way to Los Angeles to begin his journey within the music industry.

The rest they say is history.

Since 2001, AJ Gainer has been touring, recording and shaking the hands of what seems like tens-of-thousands of the citizens of this great Country. Leaving no corner of the Nation untouched, as he played stadiums, festivals, clubs, venues and private events for seas of music fans.  With 3+ Million units sold, music placed in major motion pictures, television and awards received for achievement. AJ finally realized his dreams that began as a child wandering the mountains of West Virginia.

“I’ve always valued the opportunity to meet and engage with anyone willing to hold a conversation.

I’ve spent more than a decade, traveling to and spending time in every nook and cranny of this incredible piece of land that we call the United States.  I achieved my dream to take my drumming to the highest level and thanked the people from every creed, nationality, and race who made it possible.”

Once a dream is achieved, comes a new desire.

More than a decade passed and AJ stepped back to see that a new dream was developing. One that involved sharing his perspective after having done so much dreaming, and trying. It’s those actions that AJ believes truly embody the phrase “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
He began sketching down a plan and discussing ideas with his wife, Jill, while developing a mission statement to integrate the “Rock Star” experience with the American experience.

His love of radio, American Patriotism, and strong love of discussion and debate came full circle.

This isn’t your father’s talk show…Blowin’ Smoke with AJ Gainer is here to share with the world that the American dream is still alive, if you’re willing to work, fail, learn, then get up and do it all again, forever.

Truly- it’s believing that our founding father’s experiment with freedom, is truly, the only way to create the environment needed for an individual to realize their potentials, and truly find that happiness they pursue.


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